Ink Solutions to Meet Your Needs

UV Based Inks

A large part of solvent inks is chemical based, which is why they lend themselves to applications and environments where more hardiness is required.

Solvent inks are waterproof and are able to be printed directly onto a vast range of different medias. The extent of which is largely limited by imagination. Be it either a vinyl or rigid media, they are equally capable of producing stunning intense results. Typically, they soften the material, which allows the ink pigments to adhere chemically to the surface. The versatility of this means they are used on paper, canvas, synthetic films, painted or coated metal, PVC based boards and foam board alongside other more unusual medias such as wood.

Water Based Inks

Unconventional to solvent inks, water-based inks are made from water and colour pigments rather than Solvent (petro chemical) and plastic or PVC. They serves as a great alternate to solvent inks, which are eco-friendly solutions to print packaging industries.

Moreover, water based inks provide a wide range of selection for your requirements. With No-VOC & Odourless properties, it is a safe & sustainable printing option, especially for the food and beverage packaging industry. Typically these are used for flexible packaging, non-woven packaging, paper & board packaging, labels & stickers and paper pouches.